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60-Foot (18.3-Meter) Parabolic Reflector Antenna Dish

Located in the hills above Stanford University, SRI's 60‐foot (18.3-meter) dish is a fully steerable general-purpose parabolic reflector antenna system with flexible prime focus feed arrangements suitable for logistics and engineering (LEO) mission operations. The reflector has a mesh surface with inner 45-foot diameter supporting 3 GHz and full aperture useful to 1.5 GHz. The dish can move at up to 5°/sec azimuth and 2°/sec elevation. High‐speed Internet access is available, and the dish offers remote live monitoring through a secure website.

The dish supports flexible equipment configurations with ability to easily change feeds and supporting apparatus. Six LMR‐400 coaxial cables are run from the feed equipment cabinet, at the prime focus, to the control room. Multiconductor and paired shielded control cables are also available. Radio equipment may be placed behind the feed and remotely controlled.

SRI has supported a wide variety of researchers over several years through this facility. We have established initial communications with many small satellites, and subsequently transferred data to and from them, for university professors and students, small businesses, large corporations, and elements of the U.S. government. Since many groups cannot afford their own high-gain antennas for occasional use, our 60-foot dish is widely known and used for such activities. We have also supported radio astronomy and atmospheric research activities for SRI researchers and for others.



Latitude 37.40303 oN
Longitude 122.17423 oW
Altitude 156.47 m


Elevation 3o to 87o
Azimuth -90 to +450o


Resolution 0.02o
Accuracy ±0.1o

Typical Gain and Bandwidth

430 MHz 35 dB 3o
915 MHz 42 dB 1.2o
1400 MHz 44 dB 0.9o
2400 MHz 46 dB 0.8o