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Alumni Historical Archives

The Alumni Association's Archive Committee catalogs and stores two important areas of SRI history: 1) non-contractual printed material, including SRI research journals and staff publications, phone books and annual reports; and 2) all photographic material up to the start of digital photography. To learn more about how SRI has influenced numerous industries and society for more than seven decades, see our Timeline of Innovation.

Historical Archives Highlights

Our archives are home to thousands of items, including more unusual materials such as:
  • A copy of the Harvard Radio Research Laboratory personnel directory, dated 1945. Led by Stanford’s Fred Terman, considered one of the founding fathers of Silicon Valley, the laboratory included about a dozen people who formed part of the first engineering division at SRI.
  • A written account of Tom Poulter's 1933 trip to the South Pole under Admiral Richard Byrd. After Admiral Byrd became ill at the polar base, second-in-command Poulter organized and led the crossing of the polar ice in the middle of winter to rescue Byrd.

Archives Submissions

If you have any photographs, documents, reports or other interesting and historically important SRI materials, we would like to hear from you. Examples include issues of "Research for Industry," "SRI Journal,” "Highlights," Staff Notes, or other SRI publications. To depict SRI capability over time, we welcome descriptions of laboratories – including names and capabilities of their members – and any news clippings or written history of SRI projects with important impacts. Please contact our archive chairman through the contact form below before bringing or shipping any items. We also welcome assistance in organizing and refining our print and photographic collection near SRI headquarters in Menlo Park.

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