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Alumni Hall of Fame

SRI International has a long history of solving difficult problems and developing new processes, devices, and technologies. These accomplishments have resulted from the advanced skills, capabilities, and dedication of the unique staff of the organization.

The SRI Alumni Association recognizes the key people who have made exceptional contributions to the enduring success of SRI International. All former SRI staff members are eligible for consideration. The Association's Hall of Fame committee is charged with gathering nominations for the Hall of Fame, reviewing and evaluating the nominees' qualifications, and providing a list of recommended candidates to the Steering Committee for its final approval. The individual awards are made once a year at the annual Alumni Reunion event.

Selection Criteria

  • Significant and lasting contributions to the success of SRI
  • Contributions may be in any area of research, management, or service, such as establishing a new laboratory or a new field of research or performing a service recognized as outstanding

  • Clearly demonstrated qualities of leadership, vision, and creativity

  • What did the person leave behind?
    • Enhanced reputation for SRI
    • New or enhanced research, business, or support activity or facility

If you know of someone worthy of nomination, please submit a nomination (300 words or less) describing their "exceptional contributions to the enduring success of SRI International."

Submit your nomination 

To submit your nomination for the Alumni Hall of Fame, email the SRI Alumni Association Steering Committee at steering-committee-alumni [at] 

Or you can mail your nomination to:

SRI Alumni Association
333 Ravenswood Ave., AC-108
Menlo Park, CA 94025-3493
Voice Mailbox: 650.859.5100


Click on the year to read more about the members of the SRI Alumni Association Hall of Fame:

2019: Ripudaman Malhotra - Donald Shockey

2018: John R. Strickland — Mimi G. Erskine — Edwin Kinderman

2017: Barbara Means — Donald Curran — James Colton — Mary Wagner

2016: Gerald Agin — Gerald Gleason — Michael Boldrick — Jerry Lucha

2015: Ivor Brodie — David R. Brown — Curtis R. Carlson — Ronald J. Moore

2014: There were no inductees in 2014

2013: Adam Cheyer — Don Lorents

2012:  There were no inductees in 2012

2011: Ed Acton — Earl Blackwell — Joe DeGraw — Elmer Reist

2009: Ted Mill

2008: David Golden — Ken-ichi Inouye — Kinney Thiele — Peter Hart — Bob Dehn

2006: Bill English — Jeff Rulifson — Carl Spetzler

2005: Catherine Ailes — John P. McHenry — Charles Tyson

2004: Charles A. Spindt — Robert Stewart — Shigeyoshi Takaoka — Masato Tanabe

2003: Jack Goldberg — Marion Hill — Earle Jones — Peter Lim — William Royce

2002: Mike Frankel — Paul Jorgensen — Donn Parker

2001: George Abrahamson — Dale Coulson — Philip Green — Kitta Reeds — Carl Titus

2000:  Hewitt D. Crane — William C. Estler — Elizabeth "Jake" Feinler — Douglas D. Keough — Kenneth E. Lunde — Donald L. Nielson

1999: Richard B. Foster — John V. N. Granger —Melba Harrison — Richard C. Honey — Ralph Krause — Thomas H. Morrin — Jerre Noe — Allen Peterson — Lorraine Pratt — Don R. Scheuch — Ronald Swidler -- Mike Villard

Previous Years: Bill Baker — Emery Bator — Fran Bohley — Charles Cook — Bonnar Cox — George Duvall — Kenneth Eldredge — Douglas Engelbart — William Evans — Dennis Finnigan — Gustave Freeman — Weldon Gibson — Jane Goelet — Bruce Graham — Chuck Hilly — Jesse Hobson — Fred Kamphoefner — Ray Leadabrand — Albert Macovski —Frank Mayo — Joseph McPherson — Arnold Mitchell — Chozo Mitoma — Tetsu Morita — Jean Nelson — Gordon Newell — Nils Nilsson — William Platt — Thomas Poulter — Ed Robison — Charles Rosen — Robert Shreve — William Skinner — Felix Smith — Robert Smith — Mimi Stearns — Lawrence Swift — Robert Vaile — John Wagner