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From Idea to User

Clients benefit tremendously from SRI’s breadth and depth, multidisciplinary teams, and understanding of practical applications. Mouse-over each of our offerings to learn more.

Basic & Applied Research

Analysis (Economic, Policy, Statistical, Technology)
SRI provides in-depth, unbiased insights based on research methods in multiple disciplines.
To inform policymakers, educators, and others on program effectiveness, SRI designs and implements evidence-based independent assessments.
Discovery is fundamental to SRI's mission: we create scientific and market breakthroughs.
Evaluation (Consulting, Design, Implementation, Market Research, Planning, Policy, Programs)
SRI applies cutting-edge approaches to evaluating educational reform, disruptive technologies, and more.
Experimentation (Chemical, Biological, Simulation)
In specialized labs and facilities, SRI tackles new challenges through well-designed experiments.
Longitudinal Studies
SRI pioneered longitudinal studies of disabled children and youth. We also conduct health studies.
Program Design + Implementation Surveys
SRI designs and evaluates surveys to measure the outcomes of clients' programs and to provide strategic, actionable insights.


To leverage opportunities and maximize client benefits, SRI joins efforts with other research groups around the globe.
SRI provides strategy and innovation planning in wide-ranging areas.
SRI engineers design, develop, field, and support complex technologies and systems that meet rigorous client needs.
Field Services
SRI offers a range of support capabilities in areas such as systems integration, engineering, and site management.
SRI characterizes and formulates drug substances that meet US FDA requirements.
Manufacturing (Research, Product Candidate, Model Systems)
SRI's onsite fabrication and manufacturing capabilities deliver prototypes and standard and custom products to clients.
Market Research
SRI understands how markets may intersect with client opportunities.
SRI designs innovative micro- and nanometer-scale structures, sensors, and systems.
Pilot Plants
SRI builds and operates demonstration-scale facilities in support of client projects.
Product Development
SRI's approach to innovation, multidisciplinary teams, and prototyping capabilities turn new ideas into practical solutions.
Project Management
SRI leads collaborative partnerships with multiple stakeholders on complex projects.
SRI turns designs into prototypes quickly for testing and evaluation.
From our site or yours, SRI offers quality services including technology development and deployment, data analysis, drug development, and technology transfer.
Software Engineering
SRI offers a full suite of software product development and support services.
Strategy Development
Governments, foundations, and businesses turn to SRI to develop action-oriented frameworks.
Systems Development
SRI manages projects requiring high security levels and restricted access to client data and property. Expertise ranges from database design and development to concept of operations development and signal processing systems.
Systems Integration
SRI's expertise in computer networking, programming, and engineering meets complex integration needs.
SRI creates testing and experimentation platforms for software, hardware, and networking components.
Testing (Drug, Educational, Human, Material, Physical, etc.)
SRI conducts tests in a wide range of areas, including health surveys, long-term tracking of study populations, bench-scale tests, and proof-of-concept studies. We also operate one of the largest explosive test sites in the U.S.


SRI creates demonstration versions of its advanced technology concepts to meet proof-of-concept needs.
SRI fields its or clients' technology solutions at client sites, and maintains them in a top operational condition.
SRI has extensive experience in managing and supporting complex training scenarios for the National Guard and other military clients.
Site Operations
SRI manages National Science Foundation radar research facilities around the globe, and a radio antenna facility operated in California for the U.S. government.


To bring its innovations to the marketplace, SRI licenses some of its technologies and drugs to other companies for commercialization and manufacturing.
SRI's standard and customized products and solutions meet demanding government and industry needs.
As part of our venture creation process, SRI engages with leading VCs at an early stage to identify and nurture new technology and business concepts.
Technology Transition
SRI works closely with licensees to ensure the successful transfer of know-how.
SRI partners with top-tier investors and entrepreneurs-in-residence to bring its technologies to the marketplace and to create high-value opportunities.
Innovation Programs
SRI shares its proven processes for driving and managing innovation with governments, universities, and businesses around the world.