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Intelligence & Information Systems

For government clients, SRI's Center for Intelligence & Information Systems performs advanced engineering, requirements analysis, hardware and software development, systems integration, field support, onsite technical support for electronic warfare systems, and R&D for precision navigation systems.

The Center's work originated through electronic warfare (EW) support to the U.S. Army. Projects have involved threat analysis, systems engineering, hardware and software design, and system production. A core project has been support to the Army Reprogramming Analysis Team (ARAT), initiated during the first Gulf War. After helping the Army design and implement the initial rapid reprogramming infrastructure for target sensing systems, the Center helped grow and improve the program’s capabilities.

The Center currently performs onsite support for Post-Production Software Support (PPSS), mission data set (MDS) development, simulations and testing, R&D efforts supporting EW reprogramming, program management support, and foreign military sales (FMS). 

Center members also integrate and test aircraft survivability equipment (ASE) on fixed and rotary winged aircraft. Activities include:

  • Countermeasure analysis prior to flight testing
  • Development of dispenser patterns for countermeasure deployment
  • ASE integration assistance on airframes
  • ASE system pre-flight validation
  • Planning and conducting EW characterization flight tests

EW projects include:

  • ASE integration on the Medium Altitude Reconnaissance & Surveillance System (MARSS)
  • ASE flight testing for Army EO-5/RC-7 surveillance aircraft
  • GPS satellite calibration and monitoring for the U.S. Air Force

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