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Clinical Development

SRI’s Phase 1 Clinical Trial and Strategic Development Services unit, located at a state-of-the-art facility in Plymouth, Michigan, provides clients with an agile, top-tier development organization with the capacity to carry programs from concept to clinic. Our capabilities and services leverage SRI’s existing core competencies to provide integrated, comprehensive support and extend product development continuity.

Phase 1 Clinical Research and Operations

The unit offers single- and multiple-dose Phase 1 clinical studies in patients and healthy volunteers. Studies include integrated single and multiple ascending dose studies, food-effect studies, and drug-drug interaction studies. Access to SRI’s existing strengths in biomarker development facilitates Phase 1b studies in patients with translational biomarker endpoints, which serves to mitigate the risk of late-stage clinical development failure.

New medical cures depend on healthy volunteers to participate in research studies of potential new therapeutics, and SRI compensates study participants for their time. Learn more or sign up here.

Clinical Strategy Development

The unit provides early strategic guidance in the refinement of efficient, scientifically sound development plans leading to a future drug product or device that addresses a well-defined, unmet medical need. Our capabilities build on decades of SRI experience in clinical development and translational medicine across many therapeutic areas in the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and nonprofit sectors.

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