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Discovery Biology

Immunity impacts on all areas in the drug discovery biology section. Cutting-edge treatments for cancer are now a “partnership” between immunomodifiers and conventional chemotherapy. Similarly, development of effective vaccines and therapeutics that are being targeted at host factors to enhance immune responses in a changing treatment/prevention paradigm for infectious diseases.

Through basic research and collaborative partnerships, SRI Biosciences’ Discovery Biology program identifies and develops therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostics to improve human and animal health. As the immune system and inflammation play a major role in many diseases, the program takes a multidisciplinary focus, including autoimmunity, cancer, vaccines and infectious diseases.

Our interdisciplinary teams focus on:

  • Cancer Research Our goal is to discover and develop novel therapeutics and diagnostics by integrating basic and translational research at the interface between cancer and immunology. We also offer world-class technologies at the forefront of biomarker discovery, such as SRI’s groundbreaking FAST circulating tumor cell (CTC) detection platform and tumor glycomics research programs. The program also provides services for biotechnology and pharmaceutical clients, including novel cancer efficacy models, drug screening and client-focused custom ligand discovery and development support to facilitate targeted drug discovery.
  • Immunology Research and Services With a focus on autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, we conduct research in basic mechanisms of immunology and inflammation. Research programs incorporate cutting-edge, multidisciplinary approaches to understand the interface between innate and acquired immunity and the resulting complexity of inflammation. The program also provides services such as assays and models for autoimmunity, immune function, efficacy and potency; immunogenicity and bioanalytical testing in support of regulatory-driven studies; and validation of diagnostic assays.
  • Infectious Disease Research We study the basic mechanisms of immunology and host-pathogen interactions with a goal to understand how to arm the immune system to protect against pathogens. We team internally and externally to develop new vaccines, adjuvants and therapeutic approaches to modify disease-specific immune responses, with a focus on high-consequence pathogens. The program also provides expertise and services in virology, immunology, biodefense and vaccine and antiviral development, including novel models of infectious disease, antigen production, virus propagation and product discovery and development.