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Pharmaceutical & Chemical Technologies

By integrating emerging multidisciplinary technologies in drug screening, medicinal chemistry, systems biology, tissue engineering, patient profiling and continuous manufacturing, SRI Biosciences' Pharmaceutical and Chemical Technologies is transforming the roadmap to novel drugs that are safer and more efficacious. The program also translates biomarker and technologic discoveries into devices and assays for diagnosis and monitoring of human diseases and environmental risks.

  • Discovery Technologies combines chemistry, biology and technology to create a biomedical innovation pipeline. The team develops and applies new screening and diagnostic platforms and discovers new disease biomarkers.
  • Macromolecular Sciences provides collaborative research and client-focused custom ligand discovery and development services for targeted drug discovery, molecular imaging, in vitro diagnostics and selective ligand identification research projects.
  • Chemical Biology implements expertise broadly across the biology/chemistry interface to understand and manipulate biological systems with molecular precision.
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences offers drug formulation R&D capabilities ranging from preparation of dose formulations for preclinical safety studies to design of finished drug product dosage forms for clinical trials.

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