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Pharmaceutical Sciences

The objective of pharmaceutical science is to develop a product with the therapeutic amount of drug in the right form, and to maintain its chemical and biological integrity for delivery at the proper time and rate at the desired site. Our specialized drug delivery approaches can improve efficacy and safety as well as patient convenience and compliance.​

Program Overview

SRI’s Pharmaceutical Sciences group has decades of experience, including:

  • Solving challenging formulation, drug delivery and characterization problems for small molecule drugs and biologics to maximize the potential of drug candidates of poor solubility, low bioavailability, short half-life, or gastric intolerability
  • Preparation of dose formulations for preclinical in vitro and in vivo safety studies
  • Design and manufacture of finished drug product dosage forms for clinical trials
  • Develop and apply sensitive, selective and robust methods for establishing the identity, strength, quality, purity and stability of active ingredients and drug products
  • A wide range of chromatography, spectroscopy and product testing techniques are available to support R&D as well as FDA-regulated Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) studies. Method development and validation, pharmaceutical analysis, quality control and stability studies are performed on a standalone basis or as part of an integrated drug development program from Idea to IND and beyond™.

Our program also performs R&D for alternative drug delivery systems to modify drug release, absorption, distribution and elimination profiles to improve product efficacy and safety and to enhance patient convenience and compliance. SRI Biosciences provides formulation and delivery approaches to enable currently approved drugs to be delivered in a more economical and practical manner, in an approach sometimes referred to as “IV to PO.”

SRI has expertise in the development of these specialized drug delivery systems:

  • Reformulating IV drug products into oral dosage forms
  • Nasal formulations
  • Vaginal formulations
  • Polymeric films and microspheres
  • Biodegradable implants
  • Transdermal delivery
  • Transmucosal bioadhesive delivery
  • Gels, ointments and creams

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