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David Cooper

Director, Sensing and Diagnostics

David Cooper, Ph.D., is an expert in optical physics and laser spectroscopy. He pioneered the application of tunable semiconductor diode lasers to trace chemical analysis using frequency modulation spectroscopy, and has developed spectroscopic instrumentation for a variety of industrial, environmental, and military applications.

Cooper has also worked in R&D program management. He has technical expertise in applied experimental physics, photonics, optical sensor and systems development, chemical and biological warfare defense, biosensors and medical devices, and optical remote sensing technology.

His current research is focused on the development of sensitive detection systems for biological warfare defense using upconverting phosphor technology. This work has led to the development of several novel sensor platforms that are being utilized by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Cooper received his Ph.D. in physics from MIT. He was named an SRI Fellow in 2002.

David Cooper