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Rebecca J. Griffiths

Principal Education Researcher, SRI Education

Rebecca Griffiths specializes in blending qualitative and quantitative methods to understand the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of technology-enhanced instruction in K-12 and postsecondary education. She also examines organizational and systemic facilitators and obstacles to adoption of digital learning.

Griffiths has led large-scale research and evaluation projects involving numerous institutional partners and stakeholders. Research topics have included college readiness, adult basic education, adaptive learning technology, open education resources, and hybrid learning models. Her current work falls in three lines: evaluating the academic and economic impacts of emerging technologies, developing tools that empower educators to examine the effectiveness of digital learning, and investigating new models such as Open Education Resource degrees. Griffiths’ work has been funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Great Lakes Higher Education Association, the U.S. Department of Education, and other philanthropic, institutional, and private sector clients. Griffiths also has extensive international experience.

Griffiths presents frequently at events for researchers and practitioners, including annual conferences of the American Education Research Association, the American Evaluation Association, EDUCAUSE, Open Education, the Association of American State Colleges and Universities, and the Online Learning Consortium. She has been invited to participate in convenings related to academic innovation, open education resources, postsecondary education research, and digital learning. Her research has been published in multiple peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Higher Education, the Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, and the National Academy of Engineering’s publication, The Bridge. Griffiths served on a review panel for the National Science Foundation and as a reviewer for MIT Press and the Online Learning Journal.

Before joining SRI, Griffiths was program director for online learning at Ithaka S+R, a nonprofit postsecondary education research and advisory practice. Griffiths’ graduate training was on new product and venture development at MIT, giving her a market-based perspective on how technological innovations scale and achieve sustainability and on organizational development and change. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University.

Key Projects

  1. Open Education Resource Degree Initiative Research and Evaluation (project director)
  2. Evaluation of Mastering Chemistry in general chemistry (principal investigator)
  3. Rapid Cycle Technology Evaluation for the U.S. Department of Education (principal investigator)
  4. Evaluation of EdReady online math system (project director)
  5. Evaluation of the Next Generation Courseware Challenge (project liaison)

Selected Publications

Griffiths, R., Mislevy, J., Wang, S., Shear, L., Mitchell, N., Bloom, M. Staisloff, R., & Desrochers, D. (2017). Launching OER Degree Pathways: An early snapshot of Achieving the Dream’s OER degree initiative and emerging lessons. Menlo Park, CA: SRI International.

Bakia, M., Griffiths, R. Christensen, C., Peters, V. L., & Gardner, S. (2015). Early experiences with EdReady—A tool for improving math college readiness. Menlo Park, CA: SRI Education.

Chingos, M., Griffiths, R., & Mulhern, C. (2017). Can low-cost online summer math programs improve student preparation for college-level math? Evidence from randomized experiments at three universities. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 10(4).

Griffiths, R. J., & Maron, N. L. (2016). Open educational resources: Nearing an inflection point for adoption? The Bridge, 46(3), 45-55.

Chingos, M., Griffiths, R., Mulhern, C., & Spies, R. (2016). Interactive online learning on

campus: Comparing students’ outcomes in hybrid and traditional courses in the university system of Maryland. Journal of Higher Education, 88(2).

Rebecca Griffiths