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Ocean Modeling

SRI’s Ocean Modeling lab develops innovative solutions for environmental characterization in the ocean, nearshore, and riverine domains. We create advanced models and algorithms based on observation data to produce detailed, physically consistent pictures of aquatic operating environments for regions of interest.

Our work provides information for mission planning in complex ocean environments and enhanced understanding of environmental effects on maritime operations. Ocean Modeling clients include the Office of Naval Research, the Department of Energy, and NASA.

Motobot on a racecourse
New River Inlet, North Carolina on May 1st, 2012 during ONR-funded RIVET I Experiment.
Image Credit: Gordon Farquharson, UW-APL

Capabilities include:

  • High-resolution ocean modeling and wave prediction.
  • Radar backscatter and sensor modeling for ocean scenes  
  • Data assimilation for ocean tides, circulation, and waves
  • River characterization and bathymetry estimation from remote sensing data
  • Inverse modeling for contaminant source geo-location and other applications
  • Computational fluid dynamics and multi-body dynamics for novel marine vehicles
  • User interface development or modeling and assimilation systems