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Poulter Applied Mechanics

SRI’s Poulter Applied Mechanics, established in 1953, combines experimental and computational capabilities to develop novel solutions related to counter-terrorism, mine neutralization, target breaching, directed energy effects, and a variety of defense problems. The laboratory also works with commercial companies on projects to ensure public safety.

aerial view of SRI's remote test site
Aerial view of SRI's remote test site.

SRI's privately owned test site contains specialized testing laboratories and hazard testing facilities such as a shock tube for explosive testing, explosive airblast simulation, a large water pool for underwater explosion experiments, and a gas-propelled-projectile launch facility for impact studies. The facility is frequently used to perform studies to ensure that emerging fuels, such as hydrogen and natural gas, can be produced, distributed, and used in a safe manner.  

Poulter Laboratory has developed many unique scale-model experimental techniques to evaluate the response of structures to severe dynamic loading, providing significant cost savings in comparison to full-scale testing. The laboratory also develops tailored explosive experiments and systems for reducing collateral damage, such as SRI's patented Dilute Explosive Tile (DET) technology.