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Sensing and Domain Awareness Laboratory

SRI’s Sensing and Domain Awareness Laboratory provides mission-targeted sensing systems, maritime domain awareness and enterprise solutions to government and commercial clients. Our offerings include:

  • Sensing solutions: Design, development, deployment and operation of advanced sensor systems for harsh, remote and limited-access environments. Application areas range from deep ocean, near-shore and inland waters to the atmosphere and space.
  • Domain awareness solutions: Technologies to provide a complete situational awareness view of sea/air/space domains to help prevent, prepare for, detect, respond to, and recover from events.
  • Joint operations solutions: Extensible information-sharing capabilities and toolsets to federal government enterprise systems, with a focus on security and surveillance system interoperability to improve enterprise data sharing and enhance the user experience via secure and scalable applications.

SRI is also an unbiased prime contractor for early concept definition and platform and element selection phases on new system development programs.

Our successful record of cost-effective research includes missions for organizations such as the U.S. Navy, Department of Homeland Security, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Naval Air Systems Command, U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), the U.S. Geological Survey and petroleum industry and commercial process companies.

Key Capabilities

  • Sensors and instrumentation engineering for in situ air, ocean and space applications
    • Liquid and gas chemical and biological analysis sensors for extreme environments, featuring small size, low weight and low power requirements
    • Unique sensor technologies and customized, integrated systems for environmental science research
    • Tracking systems with micro-optical tags
  • Ocean systems R&D and marine operations technical and engineering support
    • Broad ocean systems development, integration and test capabilities for environmental awareness, oil and gas applications and defense and security missions
    • Technology expertise and unique sensor tools for autonomous air, surface and underwater vehicles and space systems
    • Cost-effective marine operations equipment, staff and facilities, including an ocean test range
    • Cross-SRI expertise in unmanned vehicle integration, in situ data processing, autonomous operations, software development, RF communications, biosciences and robotics
  • Domain awareness in sea/air/space
    • Integrated DA and intelligence tool development for security stakeholders
    • Development of policy and standards, command and control centers, security and access procedures
    • Supply chain analysis
    • Directives and information repositories
    • Training and education for government agencies and commercial clients
    • Joint operations solutions:
      • Innovative mission concepts with extensible information-sharing capabilities and toolsets to government enterprise systems
      • Open, scalable security and surveillance system interoperability to improve enterprise data sharing and enhance the user experience via secure and scalable applications
      • Development of widely applicable, open mission ecosystems that can be easily transferred to industry partners for long-term operations and maintenance
      • A disciplined, agile approach that preserves plug-and-play ability while significantly reducing the lifecycle cost of government systems

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