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SRI enriches the science and technology community by training and mentoring undergraduate and graduate student interns.  Our internship participants experience a broad spectrum of activities, from learning how to write grant proposals and client reports, to articulating ideas and conducting hands-on research. While at SRI, students have opportunities to present their work, attend seminars, and engage with their peers. Students benefit from having an assigned advisor and from an environment that includes some of the R&D community's most innovative contributors. 

Specific to undergraduates, SRI participates in the National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program.  The REU program provides opportunities for outstanding undergraduates to participate in research at SRI and to benefit from the collegial atmosphere of collaboration and communication among all members of their laboratory.

We also engage with teachers who work with the next generation of innovators through Ignited (formerly Industry Initiatives for Science and Math Education.)  Educators at every level of experience benefit from spending time in a real-world environment working side-by-side with other innovative professionals. The teachers return to their classrooms with first-hand knowledge of the techniques, equipment, and cultures of cutting-edge workplaces, along with the ability to create tailored STEM curriculum that engages and inspires their students.

SRI helps ensure a robust pipeline of trained professional researchers and faculty vital to our nation's R&D infrastructure for clients and funding organizations.


All interns must have current full-time undergraduate or graduate student status at an accredited college institution, plus unrestricted authorization to work in the United States. Positions are designed to supplement education and career direction. Job duties are tied to a specific project, and training is provided in parallel to the classroom curriculum.  Look for job postings at