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SRI's Five Disciplines of Innovation

Having a Bright Idea Is Not Enough

At SRI, we define innovation as the creation and delivery of new customer value in the marketplace with a sustainable business model for the enterprise producing it. This definition takes us far beyond ideas and creativity to an organization-wide, managed process.

This definition also drives the five innovation disciplines that form the core of our approach. Not only does SRI practice these disciplines to create world-changing innovations, we share them with clients through a series of innovation programs. The SRI Five Disciplines of Innovation® lead to tangible results.

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Important Customer and Market Needs

Our focus on meeting important customer needs, instead of focusing simply on interesting research topics, helps assure that the results of our work will have positive impact for our clients, partners, end users, and the marketplace.

Value Creation

For every initiative, we work closely with clients to articulate their important needs; define the most compelling and unique approach to address their needs; analyze the benefits per costs of that approach; and quantify why the chosen approach is better than the competition and alternatives. This “NABC” method—Needs, Approach, Benefits (per costs), and Competition—helps us quickly define, create, and communicate the highest customer value.

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Innovation Champions

Each project is driven by a passionate advocate to advance the value creation process. We believe having a champion for each initiative is critical to success. At SRI, if there’s no champion, there’s no project.

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Innovation Teams

Champions build productive teams. Our multidisciplinary, team-based approach taps into the collective genius of SRI, our clients, and our partners. SRI has pioneered “open innovation” for decades by bringing the best collaborators and ideas together to meet our clients’ needs.

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Organizational Alignment

Our innovation teams align with client and partner needs to ensure we are focused on delivering the highest value. SRI is committed to leadership in innovation best practices and in the continuous improvement of our business.