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Electroadhesive Surface-Climbing Robots

SRI offers licenseable surface- and wall-climbing robot prototypes for surveillance, inspection, and sensor placement applications. Ideal for remote surveillance or inspection of concrete pillars or other structures (such as bridges and tunnels), the robots use SRI’s patented electroadhesion technology to enable wall climbing. They can also be used to carry payloads such as cameras, wireless network nodes, and other sensors.

The robots extend capabilities of human operators and devices in potentially inhospitable outdoor environments, allowing potentially sensitive inspection or surveillance to be carried out at minimal risk and expense.

The technology and design of SRI’s robots may be adapted to fit the needs of specific applications. Contact SRI to discuss its potential for your project.

Electroadhesive robots enable

  • Sensor placement above ground clutter
  • High-resolution inspection of vertical surfaces
  • Automated mapping of 3D structures
  • Automatic detection of cracks 

With its wall-scaling robot prototypes, SRI has demonstrated robust clamping on materials that include glass, wood, metal and concrete.

Key Features
  • Remotely driven by operator-controlled wireless transmitter
  • High-performance, rugged, steel-reinforced electroadhesive belt
  • High strength carbon fiber tail
  • Able to traverse concrete walls with bumps, ledges, pipes, and wire bundles
  • Operates in dusty, outdoor environments
  • Operates on most surfaces
  • Innovative roller design that houses all electroadhesion electronics components
  • High strength/weight ratio fiberglass honeycomb chassis
  • High torque servo motor
  • High energy-density lithium polymer batteries for robot drive and advanced lithium ion batteries for electroadhesion

Accelerate your roadmap with unparalleled technology for license opportunities.

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