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Imaging Solutions

Total imaging solutions from concept through production

SRI’s Center for Advanced Imaging designs and produces the most advanced high-performance, ultra-sensitive charge coupled device (CCD) image sensors, complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) imagers, and readout integrated circuits (ROIC). From design through manufacturing, our team of experts tackles complex application challenges in space, scientific imaging, low-light defense and commercial applications, spectroscopy, and more.

SRI imagers and cameras offer unmatched performance and give you a competitive advantage through product differentiation in speed, sensitivity, wavelength, and system solutions. Providing a wide spectral range of deep ultraviolet (UV) through near infrared (NIR) in a single component, our imagers deliver high-speed capabilities, small pixel size, and low noise with innovative cooling technology, SRI imaging technology offers advanced capabilities ranging from high quantum efficiency and high speed to 100% fill factor and back illumination.

Advanced Imaging Solutions and Capabilities

SRI provides optimal total solutions with technical longevity and sustained production capabilities. With extensive experience in diverse markets and scientific applications, we help you fulfill your specific sensor requirements at every step of the process from concept through production.



SRI provides custom designed high-performance CMOS and CCD devices and camera assemblies, as well as ROICs for LIDAR configured for your instrumentation and remote sensing applications. Device design, simulation and process development for a variety of platforms and performance needs:

  • Large-format CMOS
  • Custom CCD/CMOS hybrids – the best of both worlds
  • Back-illuminated, high speed, UV and deep UV responsive devices
  • High Sensitivity and Quantum Efficiency (QE) with 100% fill factor
  • CCD staring arrays and TDI linear arrays
  • Low-light CMOS Imagers
  • Electron multiplication CCD - EMCCD
  • Mk x Nk FSI or BSI Space-qualified and RAD hard imagers – COTS evaluation kits available
  • ROIC 128x32 and 32x32 planar APD arrays, synchronous and asynchronous
  • Smart cameras with embedded intelligence
  • Electrical and board design, layout, test
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    Camera and Package Design

    SRI teams leverage innovative mechanical, optical and electrical design capabilities to compliment the image sensor. We specialize in designing complete cameras and drop-in sensor modules for your application:

  • Mechanical design, optical layout, system integration
  • Electrical and board design, layout, test
  • Thermal design, simulation and prototyping
  • Device package systems can be designed with optional ground plane; multi-stage cooling; hermetic sealing;
  • Packages can be metal or ceramic; and vacuum, backfilled, Cryo cooler, or T/E cooled.
  • IR Dewar design and assembly
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    Device Fabrication and Testing

    SRI has successfully worked with multiple foundry partners, including our own SRI internal foundry, TowerJazz, Microchip, ON Semiconductor, TSMC, and others to develop state-of-the-art fabrication processes. Our specialized test facilities and equipment provide the latest technologies in image sensor performance testing and characterization.

  • UV and VIS monochrometers | | Tunable narrow and broadband uniform calibration sources | MTF testing |
  • Custom test sets and test development to fit your application
  • Automated wafer screen | package assembly final test | Custom Dewar assembly test | TDI test capability
  • Multiple environmental chambers for thermal and long-duration life testing:
  • Multiple semi–automatic probe stations: | 8-inch wafer capability | Thermal chuck control from -60 to +100C
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    Manufacturing and OEM Production

    Manufacturing and OEM Production

  • Space-certified, class 10,000 clean rooms with class 100 micro-environments optimized for mid- to low-volume production
  • 20 years of continuous imaging module production for multiple customers
  • Wafer dicing and thinning
  • Custom device mounting, packaging and wire bonding
  • Custom production fixtures and tailored manufacturing cells to meet customers’ exact requirements
  • Custom final acceptance testing for specific applications
  • Accelerate your roadmap with unparalleled technology for license opportunities.

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