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LIFBASE Spectroscopy Tool

LIFBASE is a free software program to chart the spectroscopy of diatomic molecules that is available as freeware from SRI. The software is compatible with all 32-bit Windows versions. No support is available.

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Features include:

Comprehensive Database Capabilities

  • Absolute rovibrational emission and absorption coefficients
  • Variation of transition probabilities taking into account rovibrational wavefunctions and electronic transition moments
  • Rotational radiative lifetimes and tabulated predissociation rates
  • Frequencies for all rovibrational transitions

Spectral Simulation

  • Optical emission, absorption, excitation laser-induced fluorescence
  • Thermal and non-thermal population distributions
  • Line broadening
  • Interactive change of simulation parameters
  • Graphic interface

The current release covers these molecules and electronic bands: 

  • OH (A-X), OD (A-X)
  • NO (A-X, B-X,C-X, D-X)
  • CH (A-X, B-X, C-X)
  • CN (B-X)
  • CF (A-X, B-X)
  • SiH (A-X)
  • N2+ (B-X


Resolution effects in the spectrum of NO A-X(0,0):

Demo screenshot: Resolution effects in the spectrum of NO A-X(0,0)

Database and spectral simulation (actual screen outputs):

Demo screenshot: Database and spectral simulation (actual screen outputs)

Demo screenshot2: Database and spectral simulation (actual screen outputs)

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