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Sarnoff Test Sequence Generators with A/V Test Patterns for SD to 4K Video

SRI offers content creators, broadcasters, and distributors a comprehensive solution for testing and verifying the quality of digital video signal chains up to 4Kp60. The Sarnoff® audiovisual test sequence generator combines acclaimed digital test patterns with uncompressed playback hardware.

The TG-400™ player handles formats up to 4Kp60. It is a one-rack-unit, uncompressed video player that output 10-bit digital video and up to 16 channels of embedded digital audio.

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front and back views of TG-100 rack unit hardware

The standard player includes three powerful test suites: the Visualizer™ video test patterns, AudioRef™ advanced audio reference clips, and ESP™ encoder stress patterns. Options include support for High Dynamic Range (HDR)/Wide Color Gamut (WCG) and UHD/4K testing as well as HDMI 2.0 output with HDR/WCG signaling for PQ and HLG. Users can also load their own content for testing. The result is a comprehensive, convenient, and cost-effective solution for quality control.

Test Content

Visualizer™ Digital Video Test Pattern 

  • Quantifies compression fidelity
  • Identifies color matrix mismatch (2020/709/601)
  • Determines bit depth and chroma subsampling
  • Reveals skipped frames
  • Quantifies lip sync errors
  • Provides 18 additional tests
  • Available in High Dynamic Range ( HDR ) / Wide Color Gamut ( WCG ) and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) version in the following color spaces:
    • PQ/2020, HDR10 (SMPTE ST-2084, ITU BT.2100)
    • HLG/2020 (ITU BT.2100)
    • S-Log3
    • P3, P3D65
    • 709
    • 601
    • ACESProxy
    • Log-C
    • Any other color space
    • AudioRef™ Audio Reference Clips
  • Provides dialog loudness reference
  • Supports CALM act compliance
  • Audibly confirms channel ID by number and function
  • 16 channels embedded in HD-SDI

ESP™ Encoder Stress Pattern

  • Evaluates SD,HD and UHD/4K encoder quality
  • Effective with all compression standards such as HEVC/H.265, MPEG-4/AVC/H.264, MPEG-2, ProRes, VP9, etc.
  • Assists in selecting and tuning encoders
  • Provides visual verification of encoder performance
  • Reveals limits in spatial resolution, judder, dropped frames, and more

Color Space and Monitor (CSM) Test Pattern Suite

  • Reveals how entire digital video processing systems and monitors deal with HDR and WCG content
  • Examines color space interpretation
  • Evaluates low light details
  • Reveals HDR tone mapping accuracy

Other Products in This Suite

Visualizer test pattern screen

The Visualizer™ test pattern offers a comprehensive way to evaluate more than 20 key parameters of video quality from a single screen. Users can easily identify processing errors throughout the digital signal chain.

The CSM Color Space and Monitor test pattern suite tests displays and image processing systems for color space correctness and performance. CSM’s “eyes-only” design also reveals tradeoffs being made during conversion among various color spaces including High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut...

computer monitor with "VERIFY" on-screen

Using SRI’s Emmy® award-winning technology, the Sarnoff® Bitstreams™ suite is the de facto standard for systematically and unambiguously testing decoders against industry standards. It works in a matter of seconds and does not require a reference signal or specialized decoder.

audio console close up

AudioRef™ is a package of scientifically calibrated audio reference clips that enable professionals to accurately set up and evaluate audio monitoring equipment.

These decoder tests assess HEVC compliance and video processing performance any stage of the development cycle—from simulations to integrated products.

AV control pane with test patterns displayed on 2 monitors

SRI’s ESP™ is a sophisticated video clip consisting of specialized and complex artificial test patterns that stress various aspects of processing to quickly reveal television encoder deficiencies.

3D boxes floating out of tv monitor

SRI’s suite of 3D test patterns is specifically designed to test 3D signal chains, workflows, and displays. These tools allow users to easily evaluate and calibrate 3D video equipment by revealing errors visually.

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