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Technology for License

Accelerate your roadmap with unparalleled tech for license opportunities

Our technology licensing programs help companies leverage some of the best technology created within SRI’s research labs. Whether your firm is an established industry leader or a rapidly growing start-up, we go beyond simply licensing patents to advance strategic goals for:

  • Entrepreneurs: Work with us to hatch new companies using SRI IP.
  • Startups: We invest our IP to give you an edge and help accelerate growth.
  • Mature companies: Collaborate with SRI to uncover and fill the gaps in your road maps.

Our technologies for license cover a broad spectrum of fields from advanced polymers and biomedical solutions to robotics, computer vision, machine learning and sensors.

If you want to build world-changing solutions that require technology across a broad range of disciplines, SRI is one of the few places in the world that can provide those solutions, or create custom solutions to bring them to life. We also provide deep ventures support with an efficient process for keeping the business side of licensing on track and moving forward. We may develop the technology into a prototype or product, help partners identify customers, or even begin the revenue stream – all while maintaining the strictest standards for protecting our partners’ proprietary information and technologies. Contact us through the form below to learn more about how SRI technologies for license can help you take your product or business to the next level.

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