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Seize Transformational Opportunities

We drive industry-leading ventures that change the world.

SRI has been dubbed “Spin-Off City” for our track record of capitalizing on breakthrough technologies. We adhere to a disciplined, repeatable approach to value creation that’s enabled us to establish and launch more than 60 ventures with a total market capitalization exceeding $20 billion.

Our rigorous venture formation process is grounded in our broad array of R&D expertise and our refined processes for innovation. Rather than pushing our technology advances into markets, we look beyond the immediate horizon to identify disruptive market opportunities and anticipate end-user needs.

With a focus on areas involving deep sciences and technology, we work closely with venture partners to find the most effective vehicles to bring game-changing technologies to market.

Ventures Portfolio

We are one of the leading organizations in the world for discovering breakthrough technologies and finding ways to commercialize them. Every day, people around the world use products that we pioneered including high-definition television, the computer mouse, and Siri, the first virtual personal assistant for the iPhone. Browse through our portfolio of ventures.

How to Work with Us

SRI discovers and develops technology solutions with sustainable competitive differentiation. We work with partners to find the most successful ways to invest through our or our research partners’ intellectual property (IP). Together, we methodically go through numerous internal iterations before launching any venture or technology.

VC Firms

We collaborate with seasoned, top-tier venture capitalists to create industry-leading ventures that change the world. At SRI, innovation is a discipline that enables us to achieve repeatable success in commercializing our R&D, no matter what industry or market.

Our partners work with us in areas including information technology, advanced materials, power and energy, nanotechnology, and medical devices. They support our business process with market knowledge, business opportunity analysis, and recruitment of executive teams. Among our venture partners are those on SRI’s nVention Advisory Board, who receive an early look at new venture concepts in return for strategic guidance.


When we identify a specific disruptive market opportunity, we may recruit an entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) to lead a team to capitalize on the opportunity.

Our EIRs bring specialized functional expertise, established track records of building effective companies and first-hand experience raising capital. We provide our EIRs special access to the extensive resources of SRI – from the unrivaled breadth of our R&D capabilities and expertise, to experienced guidance from our expert ventures team.

Our EIRs quickly build talented teams who can develop a solution with sustainable competitive differentiation. Together, we create a concrete business plan, help obtain venture funding, and do what needs to be done to bring the value proposition to life.


We help our start-up partners accelerate development of their own breakthrough technologies. We work with start-ups to refine their technologies and establish new ventures and licenses that capitalize on them.

Our typical start-up partners already have a strong business plan, have gained initial traction in their markets, and are ready to take their businesses to the next level. Together we follow a defined process that takes the technology from conception to market:

  • Define the venture concept: articulate the technology’s value proposition and/or recruit an entrepreneur-in-residence
  • SRI commercialization board: conduct market analysis, recruit the entrepreneurial team, and develop a demonstration or prototype
  • Venture capital advisory forum: facilitate venture capital review and develop the venture plan
  • Launch the venture or license: launch the new company or assist with seed or A-round funding

We respect the privacy of our partners’ business needs and work flexibly with internal and external teams every step of the way, including transitioning technology.

Technology for License

Our technology licensing programs enable companies of all sizes – from mature industry leaders to young, rapidly growing start-ups – to gain access to the some of the best technology created within SRI’s research labs We go beyond simply licensing patents to working with partners to advance strategic goals, from prototype development to beginning the revenue stream.

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