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SRI International Ventures Portfolio

SRI International has been dubbed “Spin-Off City” for our ability to combine breakthrough technologies to solve larger commercial needs. Our successful venture creation process covers every base from concept and commercialization through capital advisory and company launch.
  • Abundant Robotics delivers robotics solutions for the hardest jobs in agriculture.

    Abundant Robotics

  • area17 is developing a low-cost, high performance vision system for drones to operate collision-free in unstructured, GPS-denied indoor, urban, and harsh environments with no operator supervision.


  • AMI logo
    AMI logo

    Artificial Muscle Inc., acquired by Bayer MaterialScience in 2010, is the leading developer, designer, and manufacturer of actuator and sensing components based on electroactive polymers (EAP).

    Artificial Muscle, Inc.

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  • Averatek logo
    Averatek logo

    Averatek, formed by SRI and CSL LLC, offers products manufactured by an innovative proprietary metal "print and plate" process used to make flexible circuit materials and components.

    Averatek Technology

  • Desti logo
    Desti logo

    Desti is changing how people search and plan their travel through artificial intelligence, natural language understanding, semantic search, and new interaction technologies. In May 2014, HERE, a Nokia company, announced it had acquired the company.


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  • Grabit logo
    Grabit logo

    Grabit, Inc. is commercializing SRI’s patented electroadhesion technology. Grabit’s electroadhesion gripping products could disrupt the world of robotics and material handling by providing a technique of holding or grasping objects without the need of bulky, energy intensive, and expensive clamping or vacuum suction equipment.

    Grabit, Inc.

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  • Gridspace logo
    Gridspace logo

    Gridspace, a collaboration between SRI and a multidisciplinary team of engineers, is fundamentally changing the way professionals stay on top of everything in their organizations.


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  • logo

    HiLytes, Inc., is leveraging SRI International's breakthrough deep learning computer vision technology to automatically identify highlight moments in video. Through, the eSports brand of HiLytes, the technology platform enables users around the world to create and share highlights of gameplay.

    HiLytes, Inc.

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  • Intuitive Surgical logo
    Intuitive Surgical logo

    Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (Nasdaq: ISRG) is the global leader in the rapidly emerging field of robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery.

    Intuitive Surgical, Inc

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  • Intuity Medical logo
    Intuity Medical logo

    Intuity Medical, Inc. was founded with the mission of simplifying diabetes management for persons living with diabetes. They are developing a blood glucose monitoring system designed to make testing easy, convenient, and discreet.

    Intuity Medical

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  • Kasisto created the leading Conversational AI platform for the finance industry to power virtual assistants that service, engage and acquire customers via human-like, intelligent conversations – anytime, anywhere.


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  • Kuato logo
    Kuato logo

    Kuato Studios is creating a new gaming platform that makes learning fun and engaging.

    Kuato Studios

  • LeoLabs is dedicated to protecting satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) from collisions. The number of satellites in LEO is growing rapidly, and there is no responsive commercial service for tracking these satellites and the debris that threatens them.

  • Lightscape logo
    Lightscape logo

    Lightscape Materials, Inc. develops and supplies high-quality novel phosphor solutions engineered specifically for the LED lighting industry. In 2012, the company was acquired by Dow Electronic Materials, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company.

    Lightscape Materials, Inc.,

  • Meta, acquired by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, is a tool that helps researchers understand what is happening globally in science and shows them where science is headed. 


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  • Nuance logo
    Nuance logo

    Nuance Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: NUAN) is the leading provider of speech and imaging solutions for customer service and healthcare.

    Nuance Communications

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  • OTO powers the next generation of speech technology.


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  • Power Survey Company logo
    Power Survey Company logo

    Power Survey Company provides mobile contact voltage detection services to utilities and municipalities worldwide.

    Power Survey Company

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  • Princeton Lightwave logo
    Princeton Lightwave logo

    Princeton Lightwave, Inc. makes high-performance optical components for advanced network applications.

    Princeton Lightwave

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  • company logo
    company logo

    Redcoat Solutions, Inc. is the manufacturer of RAPID PURSUIT, the only bed bug detection product on the market that allows a user to know that a room is infested with bedbugs before the obvious signs of infestation are visible.

    Redcoat Solutions, Inc.

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  • Redwood Robotics logo
    Redwood Robotics logo

    Redwood Robotics was a joint venture formed in 2012 by SRI International, Meka Robotics, and Willow Garage to develop robotic arms that are simple to program, inexpensive, and safe to operate near people. Redwood Robotics was acquired by Google in 2013.

    Redwood Robotics

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  • REscan uses wearable LIDAR and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technologies to accurately map digital representations of commercial real estate interior spaces.


  • Siri logo
    Siri logo

    Siri, acquired by Apple in 2010 and first included in the iPhone 4S, offered virtual personal assistant technology—a new way to interact with your mobile phone.

    Siri, Inc.

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  • SkillMil utilizes a unique technology platform that precisely matches the characteristics and skills that hiring companies are looking for with military veterans seeking to transition to civilian employment.


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  • Social Kinetics logo
    Social Kinetics logo

    Social Kinetics, acquired by RedBrick Health in 2010, provides leading-edge methods and technology for driving the success of enterprise social media.

    Social Kinetics

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  • SuperFlex produces and develops powered clothing that assist the wearer with mobility and movement.


  • TaaSera logo
    TaaSera logo

    TaaSera provides solutions to detect and preempt pending data breaches before data is damaged, lost or stolen. The technology is based on cyber security technology from SRI.

    TaaSera, Inc.

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  • Tempo AI logo
    Tempo AI logo

    Tempo AI created the world’s first smart calendar, using artificial intelligence from SRI to enable the next generation of mobile productivity. Tempo brought context to events and automated many tasks, just like a real-world assistant, saving users millions of minutes. Tempo was acquired by Salesforce on May 29, 2015.

    Tempo AI

  • Tout logo
    Tout logo

    Tout helps publishers, content creators and advertisers generate more online video revenue through sophisticated technology and a unique view of how our world is changing.


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  • Trapit logo
    Trapit logo

    Trapit provides content discovery and curation, social selling, and advocacy services for marketers. Trapit’s core technology was derived from a $200 million DARPA-funded research project in artificial information and machine learning led by SRI. In December 2014, Trapit and Addvocate, which provides a cloud-based employee advocacy platform, announced their intent to merge.


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