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3D and Virtual Environments

Exploring the environments in which we operate requires sophisticated virtual environments tools that can simulate multiple scenarios and improve situational understanding.

Computing power and the ability to learn in 3D virtual environments enable us to mimic real-life situations. Emergency response teams, military personnel, the civilian workforce, students, and others can immerse themselves in realistic situations to test their skills and knowledge ahead of execution.

Robotic systems that automatically create maps and 3D models of complex environments support mission-critical applications. These real-time 3D mapping projection capabilities give users a more accurate understanding of their surroundings on the fly.

SRI technologies and services include:

  • Simulation scenarios for first responders and military training

  • 3D modeling and mapping for situational awareness through SRI's Geovisualization Center

  • Terrain mapping for coordinated robots

  • Perception and visual interpretation, drawing from SRI's expertise in artificial intelligence

  • Virtual topography and prototyping to study materials and structural failures

  • Perceptually optimized 3D

  • Virtual environments for online gaming and interactive learning, to increase the effectiveness of professional training and collaborative work

  • Visualization solutions that display multiple, real-time video feeds from various sensors over a 3D earth model


Computational Fluid Dynamics and Multibody Dynamics Modeling

SRI provides high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and comprehensive physics-based system multibody dynamics (MBD) modeling

SeaSCAPE: Scene Characterization and Prediction Environment for Ocean Forecasting

SRI develops graphical user interfaces to help non-expert end users set up high-resolution nested wave and circulation models for ocean forecasting.

Nearshore Assimilation Algorithm Development and Demonstration 

SRI combines data assimilation algorithms with hydrodynamic forecast models for high-resolution forecasts of nearshore oceanographic properties for coastal operations. 

Estimation of River Characteristics from Remote Sensing Data

Estimation of River Characteristics from Remote Sensing Data.