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Advanced Radar

Advanced radar systems are invaluable for national security and for understanding how processes in the upper atmosphere and space weather events disrupt satellite and electronic communications and knock out power grids.

A pioneer of complex radar systems since the 1960s, SRI offers its clients expertise in engineering, integration, and project management.

Research focuses on these areas:

  • Over-the-horizon radars, which can detect objects located thousands of miles beyond the horizon and can be used for anything from counter-drug surveillance to aircraft and ballistic missile detection

  • Advanced Modular Incoherent Scatter Radar, a mobile radar facility sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support the global scientific research community

  • Satellite calibrations, spacecraft command and telemetry, radio astronomy measurements, weak signal detection, and the diagnosis of spacecraft problems—all performed at the SRI Dish antenna facility

  • Ground-and foliage-penetrating radars to find landmines and other concealed items of interest. SRI supports research and development for the full spectrum of related products, including sensor technologies, processing algorithms, and analytical tools


an AMISR array

Advanced Modular Incoherent Scatter Radar (AMISR)

SRI leads development of a modular, mobile radar facility used by research scientists and students from around the world.