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Artificial Intelligence

Smart machines—those that can learn and make decisions autonomously—have become a reality. Artificial intelligence researchers in SRI's world-renowned Artificial Intelligence Center develop computer-based systems that exhibit intelligent behavior in complex situations. SRI's applied solutions solve problems, communicate with people in new ways, and interact with the physical world.

For commercial, industrial, and military clients, core artificial intelligence programs include


Probabilistic Reasoning As Symbolic Evaluation (PRAiSE)

SRI researchers are developing a new probabilistic reasoning system that explores an important direction in advancing computers’ abilities to understand data, manage results and infer useful insights. SRI’s Probabilistic Reasoning As Symbolic Evaluation (PRAiSE) is a probabilistic programming...

Automated Fish Classification

FLASK provides a fast annotation and machine learning based classification capability to tackle the challenges users face that have little to no annotation data available to train a neural network.

Open Language Interface for Voice Exploitation (OLIVE)

Open Language Interface for Voice Exploitation (OLIVE)

Artificial Intelligence System that Continually Learns

SRI is developing a next-generation artificial intelligence system that applies continuous learning to become better and more reliable at performing new tasks.