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Assessment Design and Evaluation

The assessment of student learning is at the heart of the education enterprise. The field is in significant flux as researchers, policymakers, and school staff members struggle to identify the best way to assess what students know.

SRI has an impressive history of innovative assessment design. We lead the application of new and existing methods and technologies. SRI researchers help clients design effective assessments and document development procedures to support assessment validity.

SRI's work addresses design, implementation, and technical quality issues, incorporating the Principled Assessment Designs for Inquiry (PADI) approach. SRI researchers conduct, research, and review classroom, state, national, and international assessments in partnership with government and educational agencies, foundations, and commercial firms.

SRI specializes in the assessment of students with special needs, and in assessments involving new technologies, allowing clients to

  • Measure learning that matters, but is not measured by conventional multiple-choice tests

  • Validate the quality of assessments

  • Adapt assessments to better serve learners with disabilities

  • Help teachers use assessments to improve instruction and student learning outcomes


elementary chemistry

Next Generation Science Assessment

A multi-institutional collaborative is developing classroom-ready assessment tasks for teachers to gain insights into their students’ proficiency with the Next Generation Science Standards

Thinking Outside the Box: Integrating Dynamic Math to Advance Computational Thinking for Diverse Student Populations

SRI is studying the integration of computer science and mathematics concepts in a middle school course, with a goal to explain students' learning of four concepts that are part of both disciplines.

teacher working with kindergarten students

Enhancement of a K-3 Formative Assessment

SRI is working with two research partners and a 10-state consortium to enhance and implement a developmentally appropriate K-3 formative assessment that will fit within and inform everyday classroom instruction.

teacher engaging with students in a group setting with laptop

Analytics for Learning

Through A4L, we are exploring the measurement of noncognitive factors, learning processes, and learning behaviors in digital learning environments.