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Border Security

Safeguarding land and coastal borders from terrorist attacks requires sophisticated technologies and the support of trusted government partners. For several decades, SRI has provided the U.S. Government with border security technologies and programs in these areas and many others:

  • Maritime and port security: SRI's Center for Maritime and Port Security brings together national experts on detecting, preventing, responding to and recovering from terrorist events in the maritime domain

  • Transportation security: SRI’s ConTexTract video text recognition system passively monitors watercraft, hazardous materials tankers, and aircraft. Other SRI technologies include person and asset identification tracking.

  • Explosives test site: SRI operates one of the nation’s largest test facilities available for use on U.S. government, commercial, and foreign government contracts. Experiments performed include explosives detection, weapons effects, hazards and safety, and basic science.

  • Video surveillance and tracking: SRI offers a variety of advanced video exploitation and processing products and solutions to meet important client needs.


image collage showing SRI's biometric system and a close-up of a man's eyes

Robust Biometric Recognition

SRI International is developing a system that delivers affordable, accurate iris recognition of moving subjects at a distance.