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Community College: Transitions

Community colleges are redesigning programs to prepare adults to enter the 21st century workforce. SRI has experience studying career pathways and partnerships with industry, using technology to streamline alignment between industry needs and academic programs, designing online tools for faculty professional communities, and evaluating evidence of workforce competence, particularly in high-paying STEM fields. Get more information on SRI’s past work on measuring reform to support real-world learning and students with disabilities.


Statewide Evaluation of Career and Technical Education Programs

Through an evaluation of career and technical education programs in Texas, SRI will determine what makes high-quality programs sustainable and scalable.

Health Career Pathways

SRI is providing research and evaluation services to support health career pathways for youth and young adults in Oakland, California.

four teen students walking together

Evaluation of the CAPP Demonstration Partnerships

SRI’s evaluation of the California Academic Partnership Program’s Demonstration Partnership Project will look at the formation and progress of 11 partnerships that aim to establish seamless transitions for all students from high school to postsecondary and strengthen the quality of instruction...

adult students in computer classroom with teacher

Technologies for Adult Basic Literacies Evaluation (TABLE)

SRI Education is investigating the role and efficacy of online learning technologies targeting basic literacy and math outcomes for low-skilled adults enrolled in adult basic education programs.