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Custom Chemical Synthesis & Radiolabeling Services

For commercial and government clients, SRI Biosciences is a leader in providing custom chemical synthesis services to accelerate the drug discovery process in the areas of infection, immunology, neuro­degeneration, and cancer. Research scientists at SRI perform complex, contract drug synthesis procedures using expertise in synthetic organic chemistry, chiral synthesis, small molecule synthesis, metabolite synthesis, process design, and process optimization.

SRI Custom Synthesis Services are client-centric and targeted. Instead of simply providing stock, “off-the-shelf” synthesis services and compounds, SRI meets with clients to fully understand their needs – complete with setting expectations to communicate what can be accomplished, in what time frame, and at what cost. As a result, SRI Biosciences works to propose the best and most efficient route toward drug discovery that saves time and money.

Radiolabeling Services

SRI offers customized radiolabeling services to government organizations such as the and National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Department of Defense (DoD) – as well as to other organizations like small biotechnology firms. SRI Radiolabeling Services include radioactive isotope labeling and stable isotope labeling.

SRI’s radiochemistry experience is extensive, and the SRI team collaborates closely with clients—pairing SRI research scientists directly with clients’ scientists—to design and prepare radiochemicals in fully customized ways that meet exact reference standards. Once an isotope is developed, it can be tracked through a reaction, metabolic pathway, or cell to determine the sequence an isotopic atom followed in the body and how much is excreted over a specific period of time.

Partnering for Success

As leaders in their fields, the experts at SRI Biosciences offer strategic direction, intellectual input, and a complete, value-added approach to research. They also operate in modern laboratories equipped with computer-assisted drug design instrumentation and state-of-the-art equipment.

For clients needing direct access to a renowned team of scientists working in world-class laboratories, SRI Custom Synthesis and Radiolabeling Services are unparalleled at supporting rapid, accurate, and efficient drug discovery.


brain scan

Treatments for Narcolepsy

SRI sleep researchers are working to discover and develop new treatments for narcoleptic patients.

monoclonal antibodies

Discovery of Tyrosine Kinase 2 Inhibitors

Novel molecular targets of several cytokines are being evaluated by SRI scientists, with the goal of designing a small-molecule drug to block responses involved in many of these inflammatory diseases.

scientist with a computer model of a molecular structure

Bis-Indole Drug Discovery in Multiple Therapeutic Areas

SRI is identifying candidates for advanced therapies in multiple disease areas by developing compounds from synthetically optimized, natural dietary products.