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Disease Focus Areas

Although scientific advances have yielded life-saving medical treatments, there are still no cures for—and a lack of basic knowledge about—many debilitating diseases that affect millions worldwide.

SRI's experts in bioscience, imaging technology, and genetic engineering are making significant headway in understanding the environmental and genetic factors contributing to diseases. This knowledge holds the promise of more targeted and effective treatments. SRI researchers devote their efforts to finding cures for some of the world's most serious diseases and conditions, such as:


The Integrin αvβ6 Increases During the Pathogenesis of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lung

Identification of Cell-Specific Biomarkers

SRI’s Brown Laboratory is using selected peptides as “fishing hooks” to identify novel cell surface features.

A peptide that targets dendritic cells delivers quantum dots intracellularly.

Targeted Immunotherapies for Cancer

SRI's Brown Laboratory is taking multiple approaches to develop effective anti-cancer immunotherapies.

Delivering Therapeutics to Intracellular Targets

SRI’s Brown Laboratory is utilizing cell-targeting peptides to deliver active therapeutic cargo to specific cells in vivo.

hand holding a petri dish of bacterial culture up to the light

Vitamin A Biosynthesis in Probiotic Bacteria

Vitamin A deficiency causes susceptibility — especially in children — to diarrhea-causing infections, which lead to millions of deaths each year. SRI is developing a probiotic that produces the vitamin.