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Drug Discovery

Drug discovery moves promising ideas from the lab toward validation as effective medical treatments. SRI Biosciences brings more than five decades of interdisciplinary scientific expertise to the National Institutes of Health, other government agencies, foundations, and private-sector clients. At all stages of drug discovery, SRI researchers rapidly identify and optimize new drug leads and move them toward preclinical development.

Areas of Expertise

Drugs discovered and developed by SRI through collaborative partnerships include

  • Halfan® (halofantrine), a malaria treatment
  • VIRA-A/Ara-A (vidarabine), an antiviral drug active against Herpes simplex and Varicella zoster viruses
  • Targretin® (bexarotene) and Folotyn® (pralatrexate), lymphoma treatments
  • Tirapazamine, to target tumor hypoxia


Deep Adaptive Semantic Logic (DASL)

Harnessing formalized expert knowledge to construct sophisticated deep learning architectures

Partnering to Advance Therapy for Radiation Exposure

Partnering to Advance Therapy for Radiation Exposure


Synthetic Polymers to Counter Chemical and Biological Threats

SRI is developing a method to enable rapid, large-scale response to a bioterrorism threat or an infectious disease epidemic.

The Integrin αvβ6 Increases During the Pathogenesis of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lung

Identification of Cell-Specific Biomarkers

SRI’s Brown Laboratory is using selected peptides as “fishing hooks” to identify novel cell surface features.