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Drug Pipeline

A robust drug pipeline requires decades of research and millions of dollars, and it is subjected to rigorous regulatory review. A knowledgeable R&D staff and state-of-the-art equipment are key to the development of promising drug candidates.

SRI Biosciences has decades of experience and all of the resources needed to advance promising compounds through the pharmaceutical pipeline, from basic research through Phase I clinical trials and the filing of Investigational New Drug applications with the Food and Drug Administration.

SRI drugs on the market include:

  • Bexarotene, a treatment for cutaneous T-cell lymphoma

  • Halofantrine, an antimalarial drug

  • Pralatrexate, a treatment for peripheral T-cell lymphoma

  • Vidarabine, an antiviral drug

SRI's current pipeline includes compounds that have shown greater efficacy—and in some cases, significantly fewer side effects—than existing treatments. View SRI's drugs and biologics available for license.


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Anti-Angiogenic Molecule Treatment for Multiple Myeloma

SRI has developed a promising new treatment for this cancer of the immune system that affects plasma cells in bone marrow.