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Early Childhood

A high-quality preschool experience can help close achievement gaps. Federal, state, and local programs and policies are being designed to promote the healthy development of young children and to reduce academic deficits in early childhood education, which can begin before kindergarten. Collecting, analyzing, and applying high-quality information is critical to guide and improve programs and policies.

The Early Childhood Program at SRI's Center for Learning & Development helps policymakers, funders, and practitioners improve the implementation and effectiveness of these programs and policies through its early childhood education research services and products. The program also supports accountability efforts to verify that public and private funds are invested wisely.

Research in early childhood education has shown that new media, including videos and computer games, also have a potentially important role in supporting learning in early childhood. Research from SRI's Center for Technology in Learning shows how, through the joint engagement of children and their caregivers, new media can address important needs, such as improving poor students' early reading and science skills.


Reducing Exclusionary Discipline in Arkansas Early Childhood Programs

Reducing Exclusionary Discipline in Arkansas Early Childhood Programs

Student Behavior Blog

Learn about evidence-based practices that ultimately support all students’ positive behavior, mental health, and well-being.

Evaluation of the LPLC Early Literacy Pay for Success Project

SRI worked with the Sorenson Impact Center and the nonprofit organization Social Finance to design a rigorous evaluation for the Lee Pesky Learning Center (LPLC) Pay for Success (PFS) project in Idaho. Using PFS, LPLC intends to expand its model for improving student literacy across the state by...

Minnesota Pay for Success Feasibility Pilot: Pyramid Model Expansion in Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten

The Minnesota Department of Education contracted SRI to study the feasibility of using a Pay for Success funding model to enhance its state voluntary prekindergarten program with the Pyramid Model for Supporting Social Emotional Competence.