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Energy Efficiency

Improvements in energy efficiency reduce energy consumption and the environmental impacts associated with energy production. Opportunities to improve energy efficiency exist throughout the economy in manufacturing, transportation, building management, and other sectors. Energy efficiency improvements can be the result of process intensification, incorporating new lightweight materials or improved coatings, innovations in sensors and controls, and other factors.

In addition to developing technologies that are more energy efficient, SRI has created virtual environments to examine the impact of daylighting on building design and a learning platform that has been used to train weatherization workers.


Lithium Recovery from Geothermal Operations

SRI is developing a new class of sorbents that can enable an efficient and cost-effective process for recovery of lithium from geothermal brines. The availability of additional revenue from lithium recovery and sales can expand the number of economically viable, green geothermal plants, with the...

Three SRI researchers working on the wearable thermal management technology

Personal Cooling

SRI is developing a system to manage a person's heating and cooling individually, saving energy by not overheating or overcooling areas within a building where the person is not present.

Spectrally Tuned All-Polymer Technology for Inducing Cooling (STATIC)

STATIC can harvest over two-thirds of the cold sky cooling power through direct radiative cooling of objects in full sun.

SRI researcher working on SRI's mixed- salt process

Mixed Salt Process for Carbon Dioxide Separation

SRI’s mixed salt process uses known solvents in a new way to dramatically improve the economics of carbon capture.