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GPS Tracking and Precision Navigation

Sophisticated navigation and tracking devices are part of everyday life for individuals, businesses, the research community, and the military. From satellite navigation systems to robotic sensing systems, SRI offers expertise in the development of global positioning system (GPS) tracking and precision navigation solutions.

Solutions developed by SRI include:

  • Monitoring of L-band transmissions for all newly launched and operational GPS satellites

  • Absolute and relative navigation and mapping capabilities, even in GPS-denied urban and subterranean environments

  • Navigation products:

    • GPS/inertial navigation system, providing highly accurate pointing and positioning for equipment such as military air cargo pallets

    • GPS real-time kinematics for automotive transportation safety applications, such as driver assistance systems that use vehicle-to-vehicle communication and global navigation satellite systems

    • Centimeter-level relative positioning with GPS for clients such as General Motors, BMW, California Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways, and the Air Force

  • Precision GPS and differential GPS for defense applications


soldiers viewing arial surveillance images

eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC)

Called “the best training we’ve ever received” by participating soldiers, instrumented combat-readiness exercises for members of the National Guard develop life-saving skills prior to deployment.

Two SRI researchers work on a RAX CubeSat

Radio Aurora Explorer (RAX) CubeSat

Disruptions in Earth's ionosphere from solar activity can cause communications blackouts, negatively affecting GPS and radio signals. SRI’s revolutionary small satellites offer a novel way to monitor such conditions.