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Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

In military operations, a comprehensive view of tactical operations is integral to mission success. Complex intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations and systems are needed to accomplish this goal.

Working closely with governmental agencies, SRI has contributed significantly to important breakthroughs in military communications, command and control, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) applications. For several decades, SRI has supported the U.S. government with the development, prototyping, and deployment of advanced technologies and systems.

Our transformational capabilities in C4ISR include:

  • Satellite-on-the-move communications

  • Mobile ad hoc wireless networking

  • Aerial video exploitation

  • Large-scale ISR processing and exploitation

  • Collaborative intelligence analysis

  • Cyber defense technologies

  • Data extraction and analysis

  • Electronic counter-countermeasures

  • Intelligent software agents

  • Knowledge management tools

  • Remote sensing

  • Signals intelligence

  • Standoff concealed object detection

  • Systems integration

  • Real-time air/ground video exploitation systems

  • Real-time video processing technologies and products


Privacy PReserving Information Mediation for Enterprises (PPRIME)

Using advanced privacy technologies to enable informed and controlled information sharing.

soldier viewing video on a tablet

Adaptable Sensor System for Real-Time Data on the Front Line

DARPA taps SRI to deliver usable video and analytics to U.S. Armed Forces when and where they need it.

artist's conception of a decomposing electronic component

Silicon/Air Battery for “Vanishing” Electronic Systems

To meet an important military challenge, SRI is designing a sensor system that can disappear on command.

U.S. soldier shaking hands with an Afghan man

Broad Operational Language Technology (BOLT) Program

SRI is creating technology to translate multiple foreign languages in all genres, retrieve information from translated material, and enable bilingual communication via speech or text.