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Laboratory and Industrial Automation

Automation offers optimized management of existing resources and can accelerate the adoption of new technologies. SRI's solutions for automating complex tasks are safer and more affordable, and clients benefit from a faster time to market and a shorter product development cycle.

Examples of SRI's automation technologies include:

  • Electroadhesion, an SRI technology applied to robotic grippers for factory, laboratory, or residential automation

  • Machine vision technology for detecting and measuring objects. Used in combination with advanced controllers and robotic actuators, it can automate highly challenging tasks, such as parcel handling, manufacturing assembly, and parts feeding.

  • Test systems automation for clients who need to rapidly develop and evaluate new lab or industrial products


gloved hand inserting a cartridge into the sentinel device

Portable Bioanalysis System

From raw sample to molecular results in minutes: The Sentinel Nucleic Acid Analysis System offers portable, real-time diagnosis of health conditions.

the ARM-H robotic hand

Autonomous Robotic Manipulation- Hand (ARM-H)

SRI and partners are developing highly dexterous low-cost robotic hands for military applications and other real-world uses.