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Drug Lead Identification and Optimization

SRI’s success in drug discovery is exemplified by its robust drug pipeline, with several marketed drugs, several in clinical and preclinical development, and numerous discovery programs. SRI has helped clients and partners advance more than 100 drugs into patient testing through aggressive lead identification and optimization.

SRI's laboratories routinely perform drug discovery through target identification and lead generation, computer-aided drug design, and design directed libraries to generate new small molecule leads. During lead optimization in drug discovery, SRI researchers improve the effectiveness, diminish the toxicity, and increase the absorption of the most promising compounds.

Lead identification and optimization services include:

  • Screening hits to leads

  • Lead optimization

  • Custom synthesis

  • Radiolabeled synthesis

  • Preformulation

  • Predictive Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, and Toxicity (ADMET) assays