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Low-Light CMOS Imaging

First introduced by SRI in the 1960s, complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) integrated circuits (ICs) are a vital technology that can be found in most of the world’s electronic circuitry. SRI applies its proven imaging and IC expertise to achieve charge-coupled device (CCD) performance levels with CMOS designs.

SRI is currently developing an all-solid-state alternative to conventional image intensifiers. The NV-CMOS® solution will integrate a low-light CMOS imager with video processing capabilities for image enhancement. This powerful, compact sensor has the potential to achieve unprecedented performance in low-light conditions for night vision and ground-based and airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance applications—as well as in microscopy, biofluorescence, and DNA sequencing.


soliders seen in night vision

DARPA PIXNET Multispectral Camera System

SRI’s low-light CMOS image sensor will bring enhanced day and night situational awareness to U.S. troops through the DARPA PIXNET program.