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Marine Science and Technology

Oceans cover much of the Earth's surface, but they remain largely unexplored. SRI's in the Space and Marine Technology Laboratory at SRI St. Petersburg conducts R&D and provides services to improve the health and security of the marine environment for maritime industry and government clients, such as the Naval Air Systems Command.

Marine Science and Technology

To understand and protect ocean ecosystems, our researchers study surface and subsurface marine environments. Capabilities include:

Port Security and Maritime Domain Awareness

SRI provides technologies and programs to defend the nation’s waterways from terrorist attacks. Services include:

  • Maritime domain awareness and advanced situational awareness
  • Risk/gap analysis
  • Access and security assessments
  • Supply chain integrity
  • Environmental information, including observations and predictive models of ocean environmental conditions
  • Sensor data integration


Computational Fluid Dynamics and Multibody Dynamics Modeling

SRI provides high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and comprehensive physics-based system multibody dynamics (MBD) modeling

SeaSCAPE: Scene Characterization and Prediction Environment for Ocean Forecasting

SRI develops graphical user interfaces to help non-expert end users set up high-resolution nested wave and circulation models for ocean forecasting.

Nearshore Assimilation Algorithm Development and Demonstration 

SRI combines data assimilation algorithms with hydrodynamic forecast models for high-resolution forecasts of nearshore oceanographic properties for coastal operations. 

Assimilation of Wave and Current Data for Prediction of Inlet and River Mouth Dynamics 

Coastal inlets and river mouths create dynamic, unpredictable environmental conditions that make it difficult to plan surface and subsurface ocean operations.