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Medical Imaging

A pioneer in medical imaging technology for six decades, SRI conducts basic and applied medical imaging research and develops therapeutic, diagnostic, and nondestructive testing instrumentation. We also offer cell and molecular imaging services for drug discovery and development.

Ultrasound Technology

In the 1960s, SRI technology made ultrasound practical as a medical diagnostic tool. Today, several medical ultrasound manufacturers have produced products under license from us. We have also developed prototype imaging systems for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and commercial licensees. Our well-equipped labs offer experimental and clinical scanners and extensive software for ultrasonic components. SRI's researchers develop unique medical imaging methods, sophisticated transducer arrays, specialized electronics, lenses, antireflection materials, and other critical components for ultrasound technology products.

MRI Imaging

SRI operates the Pfefferbaum Animal Imaging Facility as a service center available on a pay-for-use basis for approved outside researchers. Collaborations with SRI researchers are invited; please contact us.


chest x-ray using SRI's tomographic imaging source

Real-Time Tomosynthesis and Stationary X-Ray Source

SRI is developing technologies that could significantly improve tomographic medical imaging for cancer treatment and research.