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Medical and Surgical Devices

SRI’s integrated approach to engineering R&D has led to advanced medical devices such as novel diagnostic and drug delivery tools, and devices sized for pediatric use. We partner with large and small clients to help maintain their competitive position through development of new diagnostics and therapeutic devices from concept to commercialization. SRI helps clients:

  • Generate new product ideas

  • Meet the industry’s challenging scientific, engineering, marketing, and regulatory requirements

  • Augment their internal innovation teams to create new intellectual property

Clients benefit from SRI's extensive patent portfolio. SRI's innovations include making ultrasound practical for medical diagnostics and developing the first telerobotic surgical system, which SRI spun off as Intuitive Surgical, now a multibillion-dollar company. Surgeons throughout the world use this system, approved by the Food and Drug Administration, to help patients recover faster, with less pain and fewer complications.

Today, SRI's projects focus on


gloved hand inserting a cartridge into the sentinel device

Portable Bioanalysis System

From raw sample to molecular results in minutes: The Sentinel Nucleic Acid Analysis System offers portable, real-time diagnosis of health conditions.

chest x-ray using SRI's tomographic imaging source

Real-Time Tomosynthesis and Stationary X-Ray Source

SRI is developing technologies that could significantly improve tomographic medical imaging for cancer treatment and research.

row of vials containing glowing material

Biodosimeter to Triage Exposure to Ionizing Radiation

In a nuclear or radiological incident, first responders must quickly measure the radiation exposure of a large number of individuals, since treatment options are radiation dose-dependent and time-sensitive. SRI is developing a biodosimeter to meet this critical challenge.

an SRI researcher examines a medical device prototype

MISTRAL Pediatric Device Consortium

To address a critical healthcare need, SRI is partnering to develop medical devices for treating children.