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Microscience and Engineering

SRI develops innovative micro- and nanometer-scale structures, sensors, and systems to meet client needs. Multidisciplinary microscience and engineering teams teams provide technology development assistance, in-depth analysis, and MEMS design, fabrication, and characterization. Specialty areas include microfluidics and micro-cathodes for applications ranging from small satellites to miniature X-ray sources.

At SRI’s state-of-the-art labs and MEMS cleanrooms, staff members perform a combination of client-sponsored R&D and business development activities. SRI innovations for government agencies and clients in industry include

  • Chemical and physical sensors
  • Microsensors for integrated weather sensing and underwater sonar
  • Infrared (THz) applications
  • Vacuum microelectronics for thin displays, pulsed power devices, cathodes for spacecraft, X-ray tubes, microthrusters for satellites, and compact ion sources
  • Tomographic imaging technology for medical diagnostics and research

Equipment includes:

  • Contact mask aligners
  • Thin-film deposition
  • Etch and characterization tools
  • Probe stations
  • Scanning electron microscopes
  • Optical microscopes


gloved hand inserting a cartridge into the sentinel device

Portable Bioanalysis System

From raw sample to molecular results in minutes: The Sentinel Nucleic Acid Analysis System offers portable, real-time diagnosis of health conditions.

artist's conception of a decomposing electronic component

Silicon/Air Battery for “Vanishing” Electronic Systems

To meet an important military challenge, SRI is designing a sensor system that can disappear on command.

chest x-ray using SRI's tomographic imaging source

Real-Time Tomosynthesis and Stationary X-Ray Source

SRI is developing technologies that could significantly improve tomographic medical imaging for cancer treatment and research.

Micro-cylindrical ion trap arrays

High-Density Cylindrical Ion Trap Array Mass Spectrometer

SRI is developing small, highly sensitive arrays for pervasive monitoring of chemical and biological processes in the ocean and other environments.