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Microscopy and Imaging

For programs in cancer biology, infectious diseases, ophthalmics, muscle biology, and neuroscience, SRI Biosciences provides clients with histology, morphology, microscopy, imaging and analysis functions for drug discovery and development projects. We have expertise to lead robust studies in cellular biology and experimental pathology. We provide independent, collaborative, and adjunct research and services in these areas:

  • Immunohistochemistry, cytochemistry, and histology
  • Light and laser microscopy
  • Ultrastructure and morphology
  • Single-particle analysis
  • Membrane biology
  • Noninvasive Imaging in rodents

Related Services

  • Immunolabeling
  • Quantitative image analysis
  • Freeze-fracture transmission electron microscope (TEM)


gloved hand inserting a cartridge into the sentinel device

Portable Bioanalysis System

From raw sample to molecular results in minutes: The Sentinel Nucleic Acid Analysis System offers portable, real-time diagnosis of health conditions.