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Mobile Device Applications

For education, work, and play, mobile device applications are part of our daily lives. As smart mobile devices allow more users to connect with the world, there is an increasing demand for mobile app development to create new features and capabilities. SRI is addressing client needs in these areas and more:

Mobile Device Applications in Education

SRI researchers study the potential of wireless, Internet-enabled devices to improve student learning in mathematics, science, and other subjects.

Speech Translation

Mobile network operators and handset manufacturers realize that more usable interfaces are key to broad consumer adoption of mobile applications. SRI's DynaSpeak® speech recognition engine offers a natural interface that allows users to initiate mobile search requests by voice, and combines complex service requests on mobile handsets.

Vision Stabilization Software for Mobile Smart Devices

SRI is enabling new vision capabilities in today’s smartphone devices. Our algorithm technology can be embedded into mobile processors to improve video quality and viewer experience in applications such as video chat. Video stabilization software from SRI has been embedded into Google Talk™ applications and video stabilization software for Android™ is available on 3.0+ devices.


Microlessons to Build Readiness in the Cybersecurity Workforce

Fostering cybersecurity learning by offering concise “microlesson” content on smartphones.

diagram showing how language is used in various settings


SRI is developing software that can uniquely identify a system’s users from spoken and written inputs, rather than using passwords.