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Molecular Genetics

Researchers in SRI's Molecular Genetics Program study the genetic foundations of complex human traits, and the response of the genome to exposures.

For clients such as the National Institutes of Health, SRI researchers investigate the genetic basis of smoking behaviors by studying populations and clinically derived samples. They also use computational, epidemiological, and molecular approaches to conduct biomarker analyses.


nicotine molecule with cigarettes

DMET Genes, Nicotine Metabolism, and Prospective Abstinence

Researchers are seeking to identify novel genes contributing to nicotine metabolism and to smoking cessation.

man putting out a cigarette in an ashtray

Salivary Biomarkers, Life Stress & Nicotine Dependence

This project could advance drug abuse prevention and intervention research by identifying Genetic x Environment (GxE) interactions, which may help explain the development of nicotine dependence. Results may guide development of tailored interventions.