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The study of the nervous system's molecular, cellular, developmental, and functional aspects comprises neuroscience research, and is key to understanding the many facets of human sleep, pain, and addiction.

Researchers in SRI’s Center for Health Sciences Neuroscience Program conduct extensive research using biochemistry, molecular biology, proteomics, electrophysiology, and behavioral testing techniques. They also study the brain's structure and function using magnetic resonance imaging technology.

SRI's Center for Neuroscience combines world-class basic science with contract research to provide an environment ideal to partner with clients and help advance research and development programs. We conduct basic research in sleep, circadian rhythms, pain, and addiction using techniques in biochemistry, molecular biology, proteomics, electrophysiology, and behavioral testing.


group of teens sitting together on the grass

Brain Development across Adolescence

SRI’s Sleep Research Laboratory in Menlo Park, California is currently recruiting for this study.

scientist working at a computer

Improving Cognitive Deficits

SRI is investigating novel methods and treatments to improve cognitive deficits caused by diseases such as Alzheimer’s and depression.

diagram of nicotinic receptors

Role of Nicotinic Receptors in Parkinson’s Disease

SRI is investigating whether the nicotine in tobacco smoke may be useful in meeting the urgent need to manage Parkinson’s disease.

cigarette being snapped in half

Treatment of Nicotine Dependence in a Healthcare Setting

SRI is analyzing the genetics of smoking and related characteristics, using data from a large-scale National Cancer Institute study on smoking cessation.