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Quantum Sensing

Quantum physics—also known as quantum mechanics—has triggered a dramatic leap forward for science and technology. Since the mid-1980s, the reality of quantum effects, formerly thought to be "unphysical", has been proven through experiments. Researchers in SRI's Applied Quantum Systems group investigate novel applications of quantum effects, including:

Applied Quantum Systems

  • New sensors based on atomtronics imaging
  • Quantum coherent mechanisms in biological vision systems
  • Applications of the selective detection of entangled photons (i.e., biphotons)
  • Improved atomic clocks
  • Solar energy: biological quantum mechanisms in photosynthesis and enzyme action adapted to man-made energy collection/transport/storage systems
  • Nanoscale systems
  • Portable ultra-high-vacuum Bose Einstein Condensate (BEC) and cold-atom systems based on novel glass/silicon technology
  • Fabrication of miniature quantum-computing qubit cells

Radar, Signal Processing, and Exploitation

  • Coherent multi-platform, multiple input/multiple output (MIMO) methods
  • Unconventional illumination sources
  • Exploitation of target coherent properties
  • Information optimization for tracking and sensor management, including variational data assimilation for exploiting sensor data