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Radio Frequency (RF) Technology

Radio frequency (RF) technology is present in a range of applications, from cell phones to RF identification (RFID) tags. SRI engineers RF applications related to advanced communication systems, microwave, cellular, and satellite technologies, and terrestrial communications theory.

For the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Ames Research Center, SRI developed technology for faster inspections of the thermal protection systems of future reusable space vehicles. SRI has also developed passive, wireless, and embedded microtags for applications beyond space vehicles, including the condition-based maintenance of aircraft and bridge decks, and the quality control of inventory, shipments, and industrial processes.

SRI's RF research has also led to other innovations, including robotics, advanced materials for automated systems equipped with RFID tags, RF systems for radio and astronomical measurements, foliage- and ground-penetrating radar, and over-the-horizon radar.